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Welcome to Islamicare – Youth & Parenting Helpline

Islamicare aims to support Australian Muslim families who are experiencing difficulties in a modern world with all its many complexities and social challenges.

No matter what your challenge is, big or small, if it is causing you distress, it’s important to seek help, support or advice.  Whether you are a parent dealing with different issues or a young person facing emotional struggles, do not hesitate to call 1800 960009 to speak to our dedicated and caring professional Muslim counsellors, who will deal with your matter discreetly and confidentially.

The helpline is free and open between 8am-6pm daily.

Before you call have a careful look at the resources on this website.  It is designed to give you ideas and suggestions on tackling some of these issues.

We want to be the first port of call and if our experienced counsellors cant help you directly, then we can put you in touch with other professional agencies or you can click Finding Support

If you would rather send us a message, please let us know how we can help by clicking here

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Why do we need a Muslim friendly helpline?

If you have tried calling the mainstream services, you will get the best professional support but without the cultural awareness and understanding that you need in order to fully deal with your crisis.  Of course there will be times when there is no alternative but to use the mainstream resources which are currently available, like Lifeline or Beyond Blue.  However, Islamicare aims to support Australian Muslim families by both providing professional counselling support bound together with the cultural and religious awareness needed to effectively support your call. All our counsellors are Muslim as well as qualified counsellors who have the best training and skills.

Duties to Parents

Kindness to parents is mentioned as a duty of believers several times in the Quran. There are many Hadiths that encourage us to be very kind to our parents.

Obedience must be discriminating. We obey our parents only in what is right and what is calculated to please Allah. But we should be kind to them in all situations. Almighty Allah has emphasized that kindness to parents.

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Youth Challenges

No, your teen is not an alien being from a distant planet, but he or she is wired differently. A teenager’s brain is still actively developing, processing information differently than a mature adult’s brain.

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We want to be the first port of call and if our experienced counselors cant help you directly, then we can put you in touch with professionals that will deal with your matter discreetly and confidentially.

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Islamicare aims to support Australian Muslim families who are experiencing
difficulties in a modern world with many social challenges.

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