Helpline - How does it work? The helpline is available Monday to Sunday, from 8am- 6pm (EST) free for all of our callers. We uphold the virtues of keeping all our calls anonymous and confidential in.....

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Counselling support

Counselling Support – face to face Islamicare gives help seekers the option of face to face counselling support. Once initial contact has been made via the helpline, our counsellors will asses.....

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Islamicare offers training on various subjects such as dealing with children who have suffered from trauma, dealing with visual addictions, positive parenting courses and more.  Please contact us t.....

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Raise awareness

We know that there are thousands of young Muslims and parents alike in Australia who are in need of the Islamicare Helpline, the issue that we have is that not all of those Muslims in distress know ab.....

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Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with the Islamicare Helpline, we are always in need of sincere and committed help. If you would like to learn more about how to help, fill in the form here or em.....

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Islamicare aims to support Australian Muslim families who are experiencing
difficulties in a modern world with many social challenges.

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