Why we need Islamicare?

Why do we need this site?

Being a youth today is extremely difficult let alone thinking about your religious duties and responsibilities. As a Muslim youth, there are issues around marginalization, identity and clash of cultures.

If a parent has difficulty connecting with their son or daughter then it is important that there are some pathways to supporting or assisting parents and young people to ensure that there are more positive steps to help prevent the disconnect.”

Unfortunately, there are no culturally sensitive services offered by mainstream organisations and many Muslim callers have found that there needs are not being completely met or understood and this site attempts to bridge the gap for some of those culturally sensitive and competent issues.

That is why Islamicare came into existence.  Our aim is to assist Help seekers find a way through their issue, using an holistic approach that considers all factors including emotional, mental, spiritual or cultural as well as economic or physical factors.